The Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer co-organizes the 4th Global Soil Security 2020 (GSS 2020) which will be held on October 12 to 15, 2020 in Seoul, Korea. The conference has been postponed due to the current outbreak  of Coronavirus. The series of GSS conferences, being held in the Texas A&M University, USA (2015), Paris, France (2016) and University of Sydney, Australia (2018), have delineated the concept and dimensions of the global soil security initiative. The theme of GSS 2020 is ‘Global Soil Security: Beyond the Soil to Human Health.’ Participants from ESAFS members are welcome. More information of the conference is at the GSS 2020 website.



The Malaysian Society of Soil Science (MSSS) in collaboration with Forest Research Institute Malaysia would like to invite participants for the Soil Science Conference of Malaysia (SOILS 2020) which will be held from April 7-9, 2020 in Johor Bharu, Malaysia.

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The Federation shall aim at promoting researches in soil and related sciences and disseminating the acquired knowledge and technology for the benefit of the member societies in the region of East and Southeast Asia. 

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International conference of ESAFS has been held about every 2 years since the 1st conference was held in 1991, in Osaka, Japan.  

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