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Call for video movies of soil profiles

taking the opportunity of the World Soil Day

- Aiming at shared and common understanding of soil among members of the ESAFS -


The Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Sciences (CSSFS)

Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSSPN)

Malaysian Society of Soil Science (MSSS)

(Alphabetical order)

International Union of Soil Sciences, Div. 4, Commission 4.4 Soil Education and Public Awareness


【Call for video movie of soil profiles】

We would like to call for video movie related to soil profiles in the ESAFS member societies. Sharing the video movies will facilitate common understanding of soil among the members.


【Example of video movie】

There are three video movies.

1) The university students are explaining soil forming processes working on a Ultisol in Taiwan through communication with their teacher(

2) A university student is explaining the characteristics of the soil profile by looking and touching in reality after preparing for observation of an Andisol in Japan(,

3) The student is explaining some impressive functions of soil supporting life in front of soil monolith of the Andisol (,


【How to produce video movie】

It would be appreciated if you could produce a video movie with a soil profile to introduce the importance of soil supporting life in your region and country. It would be delighted if you could convey an impression with a real feeling when you look, touch, learn, and study in the video movie. The time of one video movie is limited within 10 minutes. The language used is either English and/or producer’s own language with English subtitles and/or captions

【Submission of the video movie produced】

 Please kindly send the URL of the YouTube video movie to the ESAFS support office (see Contact page in this site). The duration time to receive it is from December 5, 2021 to December 5, 2022.

【Sharing video movie】

The video movie submitted will be uploaded to this website of the ESAFS support office After the reception has finished on Dec. 5, 2022, the video movies will be watched at any time.


【References related to the example video movies】

Syuntaro Hiradate et al. 2006. Characterization of allophanic Andisols by solid-state 13C, 27Al, and 29Si NMR and by C stable isotopic ratio, δ13C. Geoderma 136(3-4), 696-707. (

Masami Nanzyo et al. 2020. Variations between weathered pumice particles of the Nantai-Shichihonzakura and Nantai-Imaichi tephra from polished sections, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Volume 66, page 693-701.


Zen-Yei Hseu and Zueng-Sang Chen, 2001. Quantifying soil hydromorphology of a rice-growing Ultisol toposequence in Taiwan. Soil Science Society of American Journal 65(1), 270-278.

Heng Tsai, H. et al. 2008. Meteoric 10Be dating of highly weathered soils from fluvial terraces in Taiwan. Quaternary International 188, 185-196.

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