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International Conference of ESAFS

International Conference of ESAFS has been periodically, about every 2 years, held in various cities in the East and Southeast Asian region.


16th Thai Nguyen, Vietnam (2024) 

"Healthy Soils for Sustainable Development"

        Minutes of business meeting 

15th  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2022) 

"Our Soils Our Future"

        Minutes of business meeting 

14th   Taipei, Taiwan (2019)

“Smart Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture”“

    *Minutes of business meeting


13th   Bangkok, Thailand (2017)

“Soil Quality for Food Security and Healthy Life”


12th   Nanjing, China (2015)

“Rational Utilization of Soil Resources for Sustainable Development”


11th   Bogor, Indonesia (2013)

“Land for Sustaining Food and Energy Security”


10th   Colombo, Sri Lanka (2011)

“Soil, a Precious Natural Resource: Agricultural Ecosystems, Environmental Health & Climate Change”


9th     Seoul, Korea (2009)

“Soils as a Convergent Technology in Tandem with Human and Ecosystem Health”


8th     Tsukuba, Japan (2007)

“New challenges for soil science for harmonizing food production with environment”


7th     Quezon City, Philippines (2005)

“Sustainability of Paddy Farming Systems”


6th     Taipei, Taiwan (2003)

“Soil Management Technology on Low-productivity and Degraded Soils”


5th     Krabi, Thailand (2001)

“Rice Environments and Rice Products”


4th     Cheju, Korea (1997)

“Soil Quality Management and Agro-Ecosystem Health”


3rd     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1995)

“Soil Resources and Sustainability in East and Southeast Asia”


2nd    Urmuqi, China (1993)

“Classification and Management of Arid-Deseart Soils in Urmuqi”


1st     Osaka, Japan (1991)

“Correlation of the National Soil Classification Systems for Agro-Technological Transfer”

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